3 Types of Fashionable Compression Stockings That Won’t Make You Look Like a Granny

Gone are the days of lumpy, half falling down, beige compression hose that your grandma used to wear. Manufacturers of compression stockings know that just because consumers have vascular problems or lymphedema, they still want to look fashionable or professional. Fortunately, there are hipper varieties of anti-embolism stockings that offer all the medical benefits of […]

Jobst Compression Stockings Size Chart: Where to Find It

So your doctor has recommended that you purchase Jobst compression stockings, medical legwear, or hose. If you’re a first time buyer, you might be scratching your head, wondering how to choose from the array of medical compression stockings available. Here’s a quick list of the info you need to buy your first pair of Jobst: […]

Where to Buy Mantyhose

For men seeking mantyhose or who need specially fitted compression stockings, dropping in to the local drugstore or browsing the hosiery section at the grocery store rarely results in a comfortably fitting option. So if you’re a guy looking to get a leg up with fashion tights or need compression hose for medical reasons, where […]

Buying Lymphedema Products

For many people with lymphedema, you may need to buy lymphedema products from a reliable source. You may hold in your hands a prescription from your health care provider, but 1) have no idea what you’re buying, 2) have no idea where to purchase it, and 3) feel unsure that you’re getting the most features […]