mmHg Compression Stockings: What Do Compression Stocking Levels Mean?

Mmhg stands for millimeter of mercury, a unit of measuring pressure. When it comes to compression stockings, mmHg refers to how tightly the elastic medical stockings support the veins in the leg. The higher the mmHg number, the greater the graduated stocking will squeeze the patient’s leg. mmHg stockings come in a variety of brands […]

Thigh High Compression Stockings or Knee Length: Which Works Best?

Graduated compression stockings come in a variety of lengths. From thigh length to knee length stockings, you might be wondering which style works best to prevent post thrombotic syndrome and other vein disorders. When it comes to ease of use and effectiveness, knee length stockings win out over thigh high compression stockings, says a study […]

Measure Yourself for Compression Stockings

Wearing compression stockings that don’t fit can be a daily drag. Most physicians recommend that people who need to wear stockings for varicose vein treatment get specially fitted for these special support hose that increase circulation and reduce leg swelling. A representative at your local medical supply store can fit you for your stockings and […]

Where to Buy Compression Stockings

Your doctor or physical therapist has told you you need compression stockings. Now where do you go to buy them? Support Hose You can buy support pantyhose online at Amazon or at most grocery stores, drug stores, and super stores. This type of stocking works best for people with mild cases of varicose veins, which […]