5 Top Videos for How to Put on Compression Stockings

Sometimes it’s easier to see something done than it is to read about how to do it. For many people who wear compression stockings, getting the stockings into place can be a struggle and a hassle, especially if they have limited mobility or arthritis. Watching a quick video on how to apply them can save […]

Doff N Donner Reviews / Video

The tight weave of compression stockings offers support for your veins, but for people with arthritis and those with limited mobility and dexterity, putting on compression stockings can be a real struggle. This Doff N Donner review offers insight, info, and information about this new product from Sigvaris, as well as a link to a […]

Sequential Compression Device: What You Need to Know about Lymphedema Pumps

Has your doctor recommended that you use a sequential compression device? These special lymphedema pumps help reduce blood pooling, clots, and fluid buildup in people who can’t move for long periods of time. How Does This Device Work? Like compression stockings and lymphedema sleeves, these devices help blood and fluid flow better, reducing leg lymphedema. […]

Maternity Stockings: Pregnant Women Find Relief from Maternity Stockings

Pregnancy can be a time of incredible joy, hope, and excitement – and a time of physical discomfort. The increased blood volume and weight gain that pregnant women experience puts pressure on the veins in the lower body, making women susceptible to both spider veins and varicose veins. To prevent varicose veins during pregnancy, health […]

Compression Stocking Aids

To reap the circulatory and other health benefits of compression stockings, you’ve got to get them on your legs. But putting on these tight stockings isn’t always an easy task for people with post-thrombotic syndrome, arthritis, limited hand strength, or other conditions that limit movement or functioning. That’s where stocking aids come in. These devices […]