Leg Lymphedema and Compression Stockings

Women undergoing treatment for vulvar cancer often experience the unpleasant side effect of lymphedema. In a December 2009 study, researchers from the United Kingdom suggest that using compression stockings can help alleviate leg lymphedema. Lymphedema is severe swelling that occurs due to a blockage in the lymphatic system, part of the immune and circulatory system’s […]

Compression Stockings after Stroke: New Research Says They Don’t Work

Stroke patients don’t benefit from wearing compression stockings, found a study in the most recent issue of the United Kingdom-based The Lancet journal. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland found that the risk of blood clots in stroke patients didn’t improve when they wore thigh high stockings. In addition, the researchers reported that […]

Lymphedema Compression Stockings and You

The health condition lymphedema involves swelling in the arms and legs. When the lymphatic system in your body becomes blocked, fluid may have difficulty draining and circulating. As a result, the fluid has nowhere to go and collects, causing uncomfortable swelling. Although the condition has no cure, sometimes the swelling may be relieved with lymphedema […]

mmHg Compression Stockings: What Do Compression Stocking Levels Mean?

Mmhg stands for millimeter of mercury, a unit of measuring pressure. When it comes to compression stockings, mmHg refers to how tightly the elastic medical stockings support the veins in the leg. The higher the mmHg number, the greater the graduated stocking will squeeze the patient’s leg. mmHg stockings come in a variety of brands […]

Varicose Legs and Compression Stockings

Bulging, painful varicose veins affect up to 25 percent of women. They’re unsightly, make standing on your feet difficult, and miniskirts are out of the question. For many women, though, suffering with varicose legs isn’t necessary. Here are some frequently asked questions about varicose vein treatment and compression stockings. Why do varicose legs develop? What […]