Compression Stocking Aids

To reap the circulatory and other health benefits of compression stockings, you’ve got to get them on your legs. But putting on these tight stockings isn’t always an easy task for people with post-thrombotic syndrome, arthritis, limited hand strength, or other conditions that limit movement or functioning. That’s where stocking aids come in. These devices […]

How to Wash Compression Stockings

Are you wondering how to wash your compression stockings? Although the stockings are constructed of strong elastic and rubber fibers and made to be durable, they can be damaged or stretched if they’re tossed into your washing machine or dryer. The stocking’s compression qualities may be lost with even one tough rinse cycle. To find […]

How to Put On Compression Stockings

The tough elastic that’s used to make compression stockings can be difficult to wear and adjust, especially if you have arthritis or other problems that limit hand movement or function. Your stockings should come with instructions from the manufacturer on how to put them on properly. Common manufacturers include Jobst, Mediven, and Sigvaris. Compression stocking […]

How Compression Stockings Work

Although today’s world is filled with high-tech surgeries and medications, it turns out that simple elastic compression stockings work effectively as varicose vein treatment and treatment for other circulatory problems. One study in the medical journal Phlebology found that 71% of patients who had been prescribed medical compression socks said their symptoms improved when worn […]