Lymphedema Arm Sleeve: What You Need to Know Before Buying

If you have arm lymphedema, your doctor may recommend compression therapy to help reduce fluid from collecting in your upper extremities. Before you buy a special sleeve for your lymphedema, here are some of the most common questions users often have about these compressive garments. How They Work With compressive therapy, your arm is covered […]

Buying Lymphedema Products

For many people with lymphedema, you may need to buy lymphedema products from a reliable source. You may hold in your hands a prescription from your health care provider, but 1) have no idea what you’re buying, 2) have no idea where to purchase it, and 3) feel unsure that you’re getting the most features […]

Sequential Compression Device: What You Need to Know about Lymphedema Pumps

Has your doctor recommended that you use a sequential compression device? These special lymphedema pumps help reduce blood pooling, clots, and fluid buildup in people who can’t move for long periods of time. How Does This Device Work? Like compression stockings and lymphedema sleeves, these devices help blood and fluid flow better, reducing leg lymphedema. […]

Leg Lymphedema and Compression Stockings

Women undergoing treatment for vulvar cancer often experience the unpleasant side effect of lymphedema. In a December 2009 study, researchers from the United Kingdom suggest that using compression stockings can help alleviate leg lymphedema. Lymphedema is severe swelling that occurs due to a blockage in the lymphatic system, part of the immune and circulatory system’s […]

Lymphedema Compression Stockings and You

The health condition lymphedema involves swelling in the arms and legs. When the lymphatic system in your body becomes blocked, fluid may have difficulty draining and circulating. As a result, the fluid has nowhere to go and collects, causing uncomfortable swelling. Although the condition has no cure, sometimes the swelling may be relieved with lymphedema […]