Does a Sequential Compression Device Increase Risk of Falls? Recent Research on SCDS

A sequential compression device (or intermittent pneumatic compression device) is designed to improve blood and fluid flow in people with vein disorders or lymphedema. In many cases, doctors recommend these medical devices for use in post-surgical patients at increased risk of blood clots. But are they safe, and do they increase the risk of falls? […]

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Basics

If you have deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, chronic vein disease, or need surgery that will keep you in bed for lengthy periods of time, your doctor may recommend you use intermittent pneumatic compression. That’s a mouthful! What’s intermittent pneumatic compression? Let’s break it down: Intermittent – in intervals Pneumatic – using air Compression – […]

Sequential Compression Pump for Restless Legs

Are you one of the estimated 5 million people with moderate to severe restless legs syndrome (RLS)? This neurological disorder causes tugging, pulling, tingling, and other uncomfortable sensations in the legs, especially when you go to sleep at night. For some people, RLS is bothersome and uncomfortable; for others, the condition causes severe chronic pain. […]

Portable Sequential Compression

Maybe you travel a lot for business. Maybe you care for a parent in their home, or maybe you prefer not to be tied to one area of the house. If you have lymphedema and need sequential compression, a portable device may make it easier to complete your lymphedema therapy. A 2005 study in 30 […]

Compression Pump Guide

People who have lymphedema, a health disorder caused by the lymph node’s inability to drain fluid in the tissues, sometimes need a compression pump. Part of treating lymphedema, especially lymphedema of the leg, may involve therapy with a pump. One brand is called the Lympha Press. The person with lymphedema puts a sleeve on the […]